Rage Against The Machine For Xmas No1

Audioslave have Chris Cornell singing for them, and sound more like Soundgarden than anything else, which is kinda surprising as the rest of the band are basically RATM but without Zak. I expected so much from Audioslave … but alas, they are pretty lame! :hehe:

I know music is a very subjective thing but I did laugh hearing Audioslave being described as “lame” :w00t:

I don’t think any band that can produce songs like “Drowning Me Slowly”, “Gasoline”, “Cochise”, “Set it Off”, and “I Am The Highway”, can ever be described as “lame” :laugh:

this would be pure genius lol

They are playing shepherds bush on the 19th


I’m gutted I can’t go :frowning:

LB Xmas party that night… shame i’d of enjoyed that…

haha like this, i’m in

DJ Smiled take note. We want some RATM :wink:

You’re right, it is subjective, and I don’t hate them … but compared to RATM, they’re lame IMHO.

Dont forget to buy your copy before this weekend :slight_smile:

Just gonna go get it from itunes, this does count doesn’t it??

Yep - Itunes, Play.com, Amazon and a couple of others too

iTUNES - 99p - track #2 (click on ‘view in itunes’ on the right)

PLAY.COM - 65p - it’s the only track on the page

7DIGITAL - £1.19P - track #2

HMV.COM - 79p (careful - this is track #1)

TUNETRIBE - 49P - track #2 - LIVE version (yes it counts)
http://bit.ly/rage-tunetribe (Studio Version)

TESCO DIGITAL - 67p - track #2

WE7 - £1.07p - track #2

Wicked, would be much more interesting than the predicted x-factor number one :slight_smile:


In the lead by 10% :smiley:

Could all change this week though, as XFactor viewers get their arses down the shops.


Got it from itunes yesterday but I might buy it again from amazon, it’s on 29p to download there, just wanna make sure :smiley:

i really couldnt care less about whats number 1 for xmas. whether or not it is ratm

I think if you buy it at that price from Amazon, it doesn’t count towards the official total.

Yeah cos Simon Cowell REALLY needs MORE money doesn’t he… for god’s sake its a tactical campaign to suck money out of people who hate X-Factor… DON’T bother people really!

Cowell’s company owns the label putting RATM out…

So just put the X-Factor idiocy down and walk away… their PR team and strategy is clearly far smarter than most of the public… just don’t get involved. AT ALL.


Kinda surprised that people who like or get RATM, would give a **** about who is number 1 at christmas???

Its not aimed at Simon Cowell or Sony, RATM are under a Sony label - its about people not wanting glorified kareoke song as the xmas No1 for the 5th year running :slight_smile:

Its just a bit of fun to me, I couldn’t care less who is No1 but I’d so much rather have Rage than an X-Factor song as the xmas No1, a real song by real artists - thats what its all about.

If they do get to No1 I’ll win a bet I put down a few weeks ago :stuck_out_tongue: