Rage Against The Machine For Xmas No1

Theres a massive group growing on facebook to get RATM - ‘Killing In The Name of’ to beat the X-Factor song to the No1 slot in the charts this xmas.

Last years No1 sold 576k songs, so far theres 275k members in the group - join up and buy from ITunes etc from the 13th December, every little helps! :wink:


As much as I’d love RATM to win, i don’t think even half of the people in that group will buy, so it wont be #1.

I think the buying power of the X factor viewer is too strong and it will be a massive waste, perhaps it will get into the top ten :smiley:

That’s a cool idea.

I first saw RATM in 93 (or 92 not sure which) in L.A.

Fu*k you

I won’t do what you tell me


Oh … and yes I’ll buy it … I just wanted to get in there before anyone else did :smiley:

Already a member… and prepared to buy the tune a few times!

awesome band, and yes I saw them live too!

“Bullet in the Head” would probably have been more appropriate :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you know the guitarist Tom Morello is a grandson of the first President of Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta? He was a great man. My “claim to fame” is I used to work with one of Tom’s cousins.

I will be buying a copy.

At the risk of getting lynched (especially as Mark lives so close to me) I dont like em, think they’re pants, so I wont be joining :smiley: and no, i dont like x factor either :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha ha thats alright Mel - just think of the comedy value though! Im gonna buy it a few times, even if it doesnt get to No1 it’ll still be good to get it in the charts for xmas :smiley:

Last years Xfactor No1 done my head in, every station belting out ‘hallelujah’ every 5 mins but if RATM did get to No1 I cant see them playing it much anyway ha ha

RATM FTW! :smiley:

RATM are one of the best bands i have heard. up there with Dylan and zepplin

im a member fo the group and ive justy paid for evil empire even though i own a copy - my fav album.

anybody HATE audiosalve as much as i do?

RATM - it’s NOT for gurls.

why do you hate Audioslave? Both RATM and Audioslave have the same guitarist - Tom Morello?

so? whats that got to do with the price of bacon?

nice rememeber them… that’ll be a laugh, im in…

I downloaded some neds atomic dustbin recently, then put it on at work, they wernt impressed… lol

…I guess nothing. Well I like both bands, but I suppose they are different in some ways!

I’ve got my name in the Re:United 21 years, 21 songs Ned’s album :smiley:

i read somewhere they were reforming or something? is that right?

i saw these guys at reading in 2000 i think it was, best band i have ever seen, along with Muse, System Of the down and Metallica!

They bear absolutly no resemblance, timming, lyrics, message, VOCALS, politics the whole lot. wash your outh out now!