Radio interview

Hi LB first of all sorry if this message sound a bit harsh but I on the hard shoulder typing this on my phone.

I need two LB members who have had ROAD accidents that were more than a few bumps or bruises for a radio interview that will happen next week. You must be able to speak clear English, be some where between 21 & 35 and still ride motorcycle.

It’s to talk about a new airbag jacket.

If you think your who I’m looking for send me a PM with your name and number ASAP and I’ll call you back with in the hour


the Artist


Now I am back home I will try and fill in the gaps, the interview is for a BBC Radio station and will take place some time next week, The radio station would like to talk about new Airbag style jackets which are popping up all over the biking market.

They would like a man or woman who has had a serious injury to their torso while riding on the road (hips or above) the person must still be a current road rider and between 21-40ish years of age, they must also be able to speak with a positive tone.

The Artist :smiley: