Radio 2 and Steve Berry....

I heard that Steve Berry was on the Jeremey Vine show yesterday speaking for bikers being allowed in bus lanes.

I didn’t hear the show but it seems he’s not done us any favours - went off on a rant or something…

Anyone know more?:Whistling:

Sorry, I am too young to listen to Radio 2:D

Why do you think I missed it…:hehe:

didnt hear it either, but having seen Berry on TV pretending to be a biker nothing that pr**k says surprises me. Why radio and TV dont interview proper celebs with an interest in bikes like the bird in the sun who keeps mentioning it in her columndont know her name :slight_smile: or the hamster I dont know, guess they rather have prats ranting about it than a sensible debate. :wink:

Who is Steve Berry?

How do you know Steve Berry doesn’t have a real interest in bikes?

I’ve seen him a few times in the paddock at race meetings over the years, never seen you though;):P:D

Second time I’ve heard mention of this bloke and him “allegedly” representing bikers but actually doing our cause no good at all…who is this man and WHY is he representing bikers if he’s so bad at it?

I heard the start of this on radio 2 yesterday, and Steve Berry irritated me so much that I had to turn it off, I really don’t understand why they have this pr**k on, why can’t they get a representative from one of the biking organisations???

Oh and if you can be bothered to listen to the pair of idiots, it’s available on line

Looks like MCN weren’t impressed with his comments either, sadly though Jeremy Vine seemed more interested in having a ‘celebrity’ biker represent us than someone who new what they were talking about! :crazy:

the troll is vindicated, :slight_smile:

looks like its unanimous BERRY is a tw@t :D:P:P:P

I don’t disagree that he is an annoying twat that talks bolox but you said he was pretending to be a biker. I’m just asking you what makes him any less of a biker than you?:cool:

Oh dear. Just listened. To be fair to the alledged biker spokesperson he was up against a hysterical cycle lobbyist person spouting unattributed pollution and safety figures out of every orifice. This shouldn’t be a hysterical debate- it’s a simple question- is it safer or more dangerous to allow motorbikes in bus lanes?.. Answer- SAFER. :cool:

Yeah the pair of you say that here but I bet you have a sneaky listen at the weekend.:stuck_out_tongue: