Radiator repairs - anyone know someone?

My R1 rad has started leaking. I think it’s cracked following an off at a track day. So does annyone know of a decent rad repairers, preferably northish london? Barwoods in Tottenham used to be the place but it closed years ago sadly.

Probably cheaper to buy a new second hand one? If its . Where is it leaking from?

I’m not too keen on buying a used rad for obvious reasons. It seems to be a slow leak somewhere on the left. Just found a big patch of water under the bike yesterday morning. I’ll have a detailed look at the weekend to completely eliminate dodgy hoses and connections.
I don’t know if other R1 rads would fit, mine’s an '03.

Probably no use to you, but I used a local radiator repair chap in Hertford (Hertfordshire) after one of the bigger pipes on my ZX9R’s rad cracked when I was a bit heavy handed with it.

He was not able to weld it, but he did use some sort of epoxy which sealed it. Lasted until I sold the bike 2 years and 20000 miles later.