radiator for 04 r1

does anybody have a radiator for an 04 r1?? mine got stoned on sunday must be in excellent cond. thanks

How did you manage that then???

Is this how??

How?? … Cant see ya pic

I can see it - I really don’t have much of a clue about loading up pics, followed the instrcutions

Verbal description

It’s a scene from Life of Brian, where the women all wear beards to go to the stonings!!

Funnier as a pic

Love that film, so i know the scene you are talking about

i dunno?? just pulled up bike was a smokin seen the damage & joined the bike in a smokin

Sounds like a fair swap to me…

take away the bong then.

Have you got the rad yet? If not maybe I can help!

nothing sorted yet dude do you have one??