racing nostalgia...Ron Haslem

back in 1986 i was not long out of nappies :Whistling: but some of the more mature members here may remember this…

Another amazing moment about this weekend was the Ron Haslem & the VFR750F, which although not designed as a race bike, he took a bog-standard VFR750F (including lights, horn and indicators still on) to third place in one of the races after demolishing his own race bike in a spill and literally nipping out to the local motorcycle shop and buying a VFR off the showroom floor!Some of the riders featuring in the races that weekend have now become some of the greats of motorcycle racing history.

this is the year honda launched the VFR750F and it became the base of many more great V4’s to follow including the RC30 having owned several V4’s myself it’s nice to know it was as great back then as i find mine now

he would of won if he’d bought a GSXR :wink:

:stuck_out_tongue: guess we’ll never know…was no mean feat that he pulled tho and goes to show how good a stock bike can be with the right rider