Rachel Todd

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I have taken this from another forum which im on, please read it, i know we have a lot of overseas members and it would be good to get postcards from them.

"Guys and girls, I need your help to put a bit of a smile on a young ladies face. A friend of mine in the Irish Guards family |Gordon Todd known to everyone as Toddy has a beautiful daughter called Rachel. She has a disease called Locked in syndrome and can only communicate with the blink of an eye. Their story is on the net at the following location:

If I may, I’d like to give an update on Rachel’s condition as its been a few months since I’ve posted and quite a few people have kindly been asking about her progress.
Rachel is still at the same specialist Neuro centre in Hertfordshire where she will stay for the unforeseeable future or until the Big fella upstairs decides to give a helping hand.
Her overall motor recovery (paralysis) has not improved much. She has, however, gained some slight control with her lip movement and swallow. Me and Mum have progressed now from spoon feeding her to raising a cup to her lips. She’s still feed by tube but we give her some smoothies or thickened soft drinks which she does look forward to.
She is currently on one-to-one care due to her being constantly sick. This is her only way of getting rid of her anxiety. You and me can holler, scream or just generally let rip. Unfortunately, because Rach can’t move or speak, this is her only way of releasing that stress. But, this can have dire consequences of some of that sick creeping down into her lungs causing all sorts of problems, i.e. pneumonia. She’s been admitted to intensive care twice because of the build up of fluid in her lungs.
Her one-to-one funding (24/7 nurse) got approved about 3 months ago and since then, the sickness has curtailed massively. She feels alot safer now that someone is with her at all times. She is up for review for the one-to-one funding next month and is frightened that it will be taken away from her. The senior nurse has wrote her notes for the Board to read so, fingers crossed, all will go well and the care will continue. Just in case, I’ll have to remind myself how Von Stauffenberg placed that briefcase in 1944! haha!
Rach has been home for the day twice in the last year, something that we have all enjoyed immensely. She can stay for about 4 or 5 hours, loads of friends and family round, have a good laugh and talk about the old times etc. Would you believe that she’s only funded for 4 visits a year? I’m taking it that the faceless desk-bound wonders sat behind desks don’t have kids then!
Rachel IS unique simply because she’s survived. Most don’t. This has changed our lives completely and although we have good days and bad days, I just can’t help thinking that the best is yet to come. Until then, I can but dream.
All the earlier posts are now lost with the old Forum so for anyone not in the know, if you go to The Sun website, punch in Rachel Todd into their search engine, there’s a wee video of me explaining what happened on that day that changed our family’s lives forever.
Thanks for reading. God Bless. Toddy

What I would like you to do is to send her a postcard from where ever you are for Florence Nightingale Day which is 12 May. Her Birthday is in Febuary so a long time to wait for a card. So were ever you are get a post card from your location and send to the under address and make her eyes smile. "

Rachel Todd
Room 10
Capio Gardens Neurological Centre
High Wych Road
Herts CM21 0OH


This may seem strange, but I think I was on a ward with Rachel towards the end of last year… Northwick park RRU. I was in e bay.

Before I rattle on could you let me know this is correct?