Racetec take-offs

If anyone wants a set of Racetec take-offs, I am putting in an order tomorrow. The rears are 190/55’s and fronts are std size for litre bikes (will pop out later to see exact size on my bike). I can’t guarantee their condition, but of the 20 odd sets we have bought so far, about 5 were virtually unused (scrubbed in, but never raced), 1 set was badly worn and replaced FOC, and the rest had one session on them. Depending on how hard you ride, you can expect to get around 2000 miles out of a rear and slightly more from a front.

Cost is £65 per set incl delivery. I will collect money’s via Paypal and then send one payment for all the tyres.

If you add your name to this thread, I will see if they have enough available (order is at 5 sets at the moment).