Racetec Rears Scrubs

Hi all,

Got 3 x racetec rear scrubs for sale
All 180/55 K2
Got loads of life for road use
Tyre 1 Tread Centre 4.3mm / Left 3.1mm / Right 1.8mm
Tyre 2 Tread Centre 4mm / Left 2.7mm / Right 1.7mm
Tyre 3 Tread Centre 4mm / Left 2.6mm / Right 2.1mm

Pick up only Watford

30quid each

Have they been plugged?
Or any punctures?

No punctures or repairs, straight off the track bike never seen road.

Centre’s are basically new

how much would you do the lot for?

80quid sound good?

70quid for the lot need the space

C’mon there’s gotta be road riders out there:D