Racefit Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS 2021 Exhaust

Racefit have made the first and only exhaust for the new Speed Triple 1200 RS and it sounds awesome!

:black_small_square: Includes a “valve solution” which the customer, dealer/garage will install. The solution is designed with the customer in mind. No fault codes or EMLs are present after fitting the exhaust and “valve solution”.

:black_small_square: Racefit supply all necessary parts and information to fit the exhaust, accompanied by comprehensive instructions and a video guide (starring Jon!!!)

:black_small_square: “remapping”: our tests have found that no adjustment is required.

:black_small_square: Mounts as per original to Pilion Footrest

:black_small_square: All titanium construction

:black_small_square: Titanium sleeves

:black_small_square: Growler-X, Black Edition or Growler options

:black_small_square: Growler option comes with a removable baffle

:black_small_square: Optional welded in diffuser available (Growler-X and Black Edition)

:black_small_square: No modifications required

RRP £500.00 + VAT (£600.00 inc.)
Now available to order. More photos available here

Customer Review

Received and installed. The video made it super easy. Sounds amazing at idle, still need to go out and get some revs in. Thanks again! My bike actually sounds like it’s got some bhp now. Before it sounded a bit like my wife’s blow dryer.


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+44 (0)1629 735071

Jeez, it looks good. Bet it sounds mental.


That looks proper neat, I wonder what effect it has on the 180 bhp and 125 Nm of torque?

It makes it more fun to use gratuitously.