Racefit GP exhaust

So after god knows how long of salivating over the GP look of the Racefit exhaust that’s so far only been seen in photos and heard in a .wav file, I’m now the proud owner of one of the first ones to be sold! It turned up today and instantly it struck me just how small, light and beautiful it was.

It weighs sod all, has very, very nice titanium welds on it and you can see straight through it very easily when viewing end to end. It’s going to be one loud ass exhaust when I fit it to the bike! I’ll fit it later when I have time, but god, my neighbours are going to kill me.

I’ll make a video of it mounted to the bike as well, to get an idea of just how mad it’s going to be. The guys at Racefit told me 105db. They even supply ear-plugs with it, no lie…

oh my god glad you are not my neighbour HAHA but it looks Beautiful watch out for the police!!!

Still looks like a “flid’s arm” as one of my less well educated northern friends said. But one that’s beautiful. Those welds are indeed special. How much it weigh v. standard?

Wolfeyes - noise is good. We all know that. No sign of removable baffle tho hehe When you gonna sort your VFR? They sound peachy when ungagged.

This is a very old post, but yeah, there’s no baffle, it’s nearly straight-through, very nice I have been riding around with the standard exhaust lately and I’m amazed at how drivers just don’t see you coming, with the Racefit, you’re better off as people can hear you coming and check their mirrors.

I haven’t done any scientific weighings, but the stock exhaust, is HEAVY, and I mean very heavy about 6kg I believe. The Racefit weighs sod all, about two thirds of a kilo I’d say.

Crikey it is an old post! Hmm never mind.

6kgs! That’s something 'cause it’s smaller than a ‘normal’ (like mine) shaped zorst. Suppose it has to do the same job tho so same packing etc.

The standard exhaust is near dead-quiet, you can ride quite, mmm, swiftly and not make anyone turn round to look, it’s quite something. There’s a lot of padding and routing inside.

How come ya put the standard can back on Jay, getting hassle for it???

No hassle, I just had to have a ‘road legal’ bike for something this weekend, and the Racefit would have been pushing the definition of the term, I feel, heh.