Racefit Exhausts

Has anyone actually brought that new slash cut exhaust for the GSX-R 1000 K5 yet? If so are they pleased with it…Jay I know you have the other Racefit pipe…are you happy with it, how loud is it roughly!

The slashcut exhaust has NO baffling and will be extremely loud, like TOO loud for everyday use, it’ll give you a headache even with earplugs I reckon. There’s also the issue of no back-pressure in the exhaust system with it, which in all likely-hood, will kill the titanium valves in the new bikes, as is being discussed in some detail in this months PB magazine. I’m already having to look at top-grade titanium valve replacements to ensure I keep my engine in one piece.

The ‘Mega’ exhaust which I have is loud, but not offensively loud. It’s perfectly quiet on idle and only causes slight alarm when hunting for 10 seconds or so when stone-cold. When you’re riding the bike, it’s a complete JOY and will make you think you have a new bike, it’s insane. Under power, NOTHING sounds quite like it. I would fully recommend it. It also has no ‘not for road use’ stamped on it, as it’s a custom-made unit.

Thanks… I just don’t know what to do, I fancy getting something different and the Racefit is a perfect choice, better start saving now !

where is the best place to get the Racefit Mega and the cheapest?

am thinking for putting a full system on my bike…


I believe Speedycom have the exclusive distribution on them, and I don’t think they do one for your bike, but it’s worth speaking to them none the less. These are slip-ons though, no need for a full-system, unless your headers have a lot of baffeling in.


i was looking at getting one for a k5 750, but these things are quite pricey eh… look hot though.

ok, this was one heck of a bump, sorry

and i was referring to the mega slip on, rather than the slash cut - i see there is another (wildly bumped) thread about it too.

anyone have a s/h for sale yet?

I don’t know why anyone would want to sell one to be honest, Chris! Good luck looking though.

As Jay said, I don’t think you’ll find many people wanting to give up their Racefit…it is THAT good, although they do come up on eBay sometimes, and one just sold for £400-ish, so they retain quite a bit of their value as well.

yeah, i had a feeling that was going to be the answer to that question thanks though.

The mega racefit is 490 from speedy.com and a second hand one just went for 461 plus 18 postage so I’d say they hold there value pretty well

some group buy discount would go down very nicely right about now!

I’ve got the Yoshi carbon jap can on back order but they reckon its going to be at least three weeks so I’m having a re think.

is that a group of 2 so far?

tbh, i’d like a yoshi carbon too, but i was trying to get a pipe that i don’t need a hanger for, bin the pillion pegs, cleaner lines etc

It doesn’t get better than a Racefit, trust me! Worth it, completely. You guys should speak to John Keeling at Racefit, and mention LB, say you want to do a group-buy. He supplied me with the first ‘Mega’ off the manufacturing line, very nice guy.

I’ll second Jay on that, ring up the guys at speedy, they always have time to talk to you and give advice, i can’t fault their service. Also get the racefit mega, i don’t think it can be beaten, or should i say noooooo don’t get the mega you’ll hate it, trust me !!!

guys, i’m drooling.

i pick the bike up tomorrow, couple of days to run it in, then i guess i better flex someones credit card eh? heh

Run it in? I had the Racefit on after five miles, which is the distance it took me to get home from the Dealer! Two days later it was on the track! No need to run modern sports bikes in! But that’s just my view, everyone has their own take on it.

Just get one Chrisxr, you will not regret it…as said before myself, Jay, and NJS have one and they are the best…trust us !!

I am still in 2 minds about what, if any, pipe to fit to mine. The Yoshi was developed for the bike before the pipe was released, but there are several types…firstly Yank or Jap [the latter has better build quality allegedly] and then the super sexy stubby, or the longer version…but which one gives the best and flattest midrange torque increase ??.. or maybe a racefit ? I have been slightly put off by them selling the slashcut thing as it makes me think they are cowboys & can I trust their other products [the mega can Jay & NJS have] to have any scientific development put into them ??

Anybody talked to any dyno people who have done a few k5 1000s with pipes ?