RaceChrono Smartphone App For Track Days

Used RaceChrono at Snetterton last week and was quite impressed by it.

I especially like when I lay it over my GoPro action using DashWare. (Check the end of the above video)

Finally got round to watching this, be interesting to see if an external GPS is any better.
When I did Brands I had MyTracks recording it and it lost its way a couple of times.
Do love the overlay software for the videos, adds extra it.
Cheers for the review.

Timing on track days is a big no no, it invalidates the organisers insurance. If you want to see how fast you are why not enter a few races. :smiley:

I didn’t realise it was an insurance thing. Strangely enough, this app failed me yesterday at Silverstone, only session 1 and 2 did it actually give me an results. Mind you, I’ve realised the csv data it exports is the more valuable thing as I can control timings and lap times through DashWare afterwards. Despite it not showing me lap times on the day, the data is still there and working as I make the videos today.

Diablo superbiker from Pirelli. Its free and easy to use

It certainly is simple to use, much more so than Trackmaster, but I found that to be very buggy. I couldn’t import or export anything either.

I only used it for my first two trackdays, now I can’t be ar$ed :smiley:

Focused events are running chrono days where transponders are dished out and groups are re organized depending on lap times. 17th of July is next one at brands hatch for £145, I look to attend if the money Gods shine down favorably on me. Probably more accurate than any GPS app or getting the Mrs to stand with a stopwatch all day.

Yeah, but even then, I assume they will just give you lap times, not gpx or csv data.