Race tracks near West London

Does anyone know if there is a race track close to West London? From my research the closest track i could find is Silverstone and that’s about 70 miles away. Other then that they’re scattered all over the “northern” side of UK and one in Kent.

Would appreciate any pointers or advice

N.B. This is the site i am referring to: http://nolimitstrackdays.com/uk-tracks/silverstone.html

Brands Hatch???

@Marmablade, that’s already closer by distance but south east London. Nowhere on the west side? Around Reading maybe?

Nothing inside London i’m affraid. Thruxton Is sort of out that way

Bedfordshire autodrome,there is also a raf base with track somewhere west,forget the name sure someone else will come up with name

Yes, Bedford Autodrome, Forgot about that, There are 3 or 4 circuits at Bedford if i remember rightly

3 or 4 different layouts at Bedford it only holds a limited number of trackdays per year due to council noise restrictions, great track though can’t wait to get back there next year,apparently has the longest straight in the country hit around 164 mph on 600rr

RAF Benson hold a couple of trackdays most years.

RAF Benson is by far the closest.

Bedford Autodrome is actually same distance (from my house) as Silverstone.

Look out for Benson dates on their fb page or they usually have posters up in H’s.