Race Reps?

My wee bro just picked this up back home in Dublin:

This is someones that I work with - looks amazing I think


didnt suzuki get sponsored by men only magazine as well??

Almost…actually it was called ‘Play Bus’

race reps are cool as long as they are tastefully done (rizla k5 with neons already mentioned)

here was mine, and i didnt ever meet anyone that didnt think it looked good


Yeah I do…Ive always liked em…and liked mostly all… but heres the catch…

I dont know if Ive done the right thing…

The amount of people that give you the nod, shout over at the lights and passers by giving you the thumbs up is all flattering at first.

But now its getting dangerous with Cagers screaming right up your harris to get a look, Van Drivers swerving all over the place and shouting at you to “pull a wheelie”, kids banging on the windows of cars. Other bikers can be just as bad !!!

The worst is Chavs on Scoots screaming the nutz of them and vearing all over the place while trying shout there heads off to ask where ya got it.

My confidence isnt to clever after that Cab Incident on Waterloo Bridge and Im not enjoying it at all.

Flattering but Fooking Dangerous !!

The Jurys out with me on this one !!

It certainly isn’t a shy and retiring kind of colour scheme.

I was think more along the lines of, you see quite a lot of bikes but only bikes. It seems to be 1 in a million when it comes to cars. I saw one BMW that I though looked quite good. I like some rep jobs. Probably the most iconic racing images of the last century are things like the JPS Lotus. The Gulf Porsche 917.

Association by product is quite important. Some products are cool like Rizzla, Malboro, Repsol, probably my fav. is Redbull. I don’t think others are like Eddie Stobbart, Airwaves or Vivaldi spuds

Am I the only one that hasn’t seen your bike barro? Been off here for a while. Last bike I remember was the black zx6! Show us a pic mate!

As RizSV says…Hello Ness!!..A well done race rep looks well cool!!!

My mates Rizla K6 i thought of doing mine but not sure ??