Race Reps?

Cool or not?

are they for squids and posers or do they actually have a place? You don’t tend to see many Ford Focus etc in full Rally spec. paint.

I.M.O normaly ridden by tw@at’s but there are exceptions…

Full race reps, tuned and tweeked can be works of art but just a paint job?

Id rather spend the cash on tweeks…

Seen a rizla k5 thou up the ace with neon lights and heated grips and a badly fitted friggin masive high level can…


Ask Barro if he likes race reps.

well i would be biased wouldn’t i having had one myself! i do think a race rep paint job can look really nice and add to the bike’s looks and distinctiveness BUT having said that the paintscheme has to be carefully chosen & executed as equally i’ve seen some minging examples!

particularly nice ones which spring to mind are that gixxer thou which was posted up on this site a while back with the 05 Suzuki GP paint (drool…) and I’ve seen some lovely retro paintschemes for the recent blades - one with the original Urban Tiger paintwork from the 90s and another in Rothmans colours (which is a staff bike from one of the bike magazines)

I think theyre cool but thats because sports bikes on the road are near race reps out of the crate, its just some of those dodgy cobbled together ones with riders wearing equally cobbled together clothing...they think its cool too That said, a bike can be transformed with some race rep bodywork at a fraction of the cost of std kit.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, perhaps we should have a cool and uncool section like Top Gear

"Seen a rizla k5 thou up the ace with neon lights and heated grips and a badly fitted friggin masive high level can…

WHY? [Blink]" Classic uncool IMO. But great entertainment value

I do like retro race rep paint on new bikes, can look nice…

I love them. Sports bikes are styled after race bikes, so why not? I’m really surprised there haven’t been any Yamaha WSB ‘Santanda’ race-reps floating around yet. The red, white and black scheme is AMAZING. Easily the best looking bike in the WSB grid.

Saw a guy with an 04 R1 in that scheme at Bandit Bikes a few weeks ago…Looked amazing.


not true race reps i know, but they do look good!!

the repsol honda rep looks the nuts. big fan of the santander scheme

no worse than customising your bike in other ways, but i’d expect the person to be able to ride if he’s going for the racer look

There is a very good reason why most of the manufacturers avoid mass producing ‘‘reps’’ , and that is their very short life span. Its all well and good having the latest replica…but 1 or 2 years down the line its looking abit old hat. Barro’s bike is the muts nuts, but its already outdated in terms of reps, and its friggin a brand new bike. Ever seen a Foggy rep…it looked amazing when it came out…now its pants!

And does anybody remember the ‘Durex’ reps?

Come again?

Which bit? Look in the early nineties paintjobs sucked balls big time! Durex was defo the worst, they sponsered Suzuki GB I think ( hi Jay ) But there were some real shockers like Pepsi GSXR’s…it looked good then…but now it would look pants…Dream Machine did a new GSXR in the Pepsi scheme and its utter poo! Some were really good though like Rothmans or the JPS Nortons in the black.

Arrrgggghhhh a waste of a good joke (IMHO)

Baby J wrote: And does anybody remember the ‘Durex’ reps?

Macp Wrote: Come again?

Geddit? Come on I know you did - ruined now though…

I got it

Sorry…you know that when i’m slating Suzukis I’m a very serious man

Suzuki defo win for having a history of poo reps…with a few gems mixed in there

And in case anybody is intrested Durex works Suzuki 1990 as ridden by the one and only Whitham

Not after Whitham has ridden it

with the number 69!!!

James, you suck

I’m not a big fan of race replicas, but this one definitely looks AWESOME!

And it’s for sale if anyone’s interested
Ebay item no: 280086944265