Race report from Brands Hatch 16/17 September


Chuffster’s missive…

Thanks Justine. Chuffster, superb write up mate. Steadily chipping away all season has given you just rewards.
Justine has improved her mechanical skills too, you`ll be lost without her and of course your loyal crew.

Keep chipping away next year and the results will come for sure.

I bet you wish you started racing years ago. You seem at home with paddock life.

See you out there next season.

Ah Rich !!! Your last race of the season!

Noooooo so so so so sorry for being a bit ‘up my own ass’ with my own troubles these days and not lending support and pointing lenses in your direction.

Well done on finishing in one piece, great write ups and as best I can read it, a fantastic result for the year.

Good on ya and catch up with you soon I hope.