Race fairings

Does anybody know of a good place to get race fairings sprayed? nothing fancy just black. Preferably in NW london?

M9performance, his on here, pm him.

just goto any local spray shop near you, they will sort you out, if not pm me and ill ask the guys near me watford they sprayed a blade panel for me a while ago really good job and cheap

thanks guys i think i’m going to give it a go myself with an old panel first. hopefully i can get it all done mega cheap quality isn’t a major concern for me at the moment. an experiment if you will.:wink:

good luck!

why bother asking then

because i was gathering information before i made a decision is why


eh gotta do what ya gotta do innit yea:P

blah blah blah its like a group of old fishermens wifes on here

Jeez - looks like you might be more at home somewhere like visordown! mind you they have changed the website now! So maybe LABUSAS instead lol…

As to race fairings (rather than picking on a thread to vent frustration), if you want a full set, you can get most ones from BB Plastics in Stevenage - they do a full set for £250 - and if you want it in a colour (blue, green black etc) then its £60 extra…Gary is on 01438 357777.

cheers puff i’ll look into that also good excuse to go for a ride.