race fairings vs oem

Okay so I’m convinced that this will have been asked before but can’t find it 

My '97 gixxer 750 has been sat around for too long - i basically can’t justify insuring it on road. As part of my IAM training journey I’ve come to the conclusion that a couple of track days every now and then wouldn’t be a terrible idea. Not something I’ve done before, but I’ve read up a little bit. I want something really cheap, I think I’d only find time to do 3 maybe 4 track days a year but I’d still want something easy to put on and take off between sessions and after. 

If anyone has really good experience with any` particular ebay sellers please do let me know or if I should look elsewhere. Don’t want to pay more than £350/£400 should I have to replace them - I think that’s a sensible budget but please let me know if not. Hoping to finance the most part of this with the sale of the OEM units on there already

Check out http://www.bbplastics.co.uk that’s where I got my race fairings from and they seem good quality. Can order them pre coloured for a bit more too. Standard kit for 750 looks £230

Hey Curtis thank you for your reply, is it okay to ask you a few more questions on them? 

I guess the things I’m interested in are: 
was there much modification you had to do to get them to fit snug? 

are they are a pain to get on and off? 

if I just bump it as I’m wheeling the bin round is it going to split or is it a relatively good quality resin (not OEM standard but not poundland plastic cheap)

Did you opt for colour or did you paint yourself? I have an air compressor and could paint myself but I’ve been there before and the amount of time and patience required is almost worth the £60 - thoughts on that? 

And then just general noob questions on what I need here, the pictures and description suggest that it comes with front fairings, seat unit and ?belly pan? - is there any reason to buy the £49 screen they offer or can I just trim my horrific iridescent unit that came with the bike/ thermoform a new one out of a suitable plastic that won’t shatter into a thousand deadly pieces? 

I went for white as I wasn’t bothered about colour it will mark if bumped, the white at least as it isn’t lacquered. The colour finishes do look good though. They quite resilient as I’ve knocked and bashed/dropped mine multiple times and never broke only minor scuffs.

They’re easy to get on and off as they’re quick release however they will require some setting up in terms of attaching them to the bike as they aren’t pre drilled, at least the Sv ones weren’t.

Give the guys a call they’re quite chatty, if you are in north London they’re a quick blast up the a1 in Stevenage

Yeah I think I will phone them, what did you do with your tank? They sound really resilient to be fair


Kept it as was, was more interested in how the bike went rather than looks