Race can - steeper angle

Hi All,

Looking for some advice:

I want to change the angle that my end can sits so it’s at a steeper angle- I’d like the outlet end to sit higher keeping the lower end of the can at the current point. - if that makes sense.

Any ideas?

I find a lump hammer does the job…

Just kidding what bike what can?

whatever link pipe needs mod…

Akrapovic - R1.

I have thought about heating the link pipe ‘oxyacetylene’ and changing the link pipe angle that way - still not sure thats the best option thou - hence the post.

The obvious thing to do would be to call Akrapovic and tell them how you wana angle the can and ask them to make another link pipe made up to fit your requirements or another way would be to heat up your link pipe and bend it, though could be dangerous because if you mess it up then you’ll have to get another link pipe anyway.

Note: Once you change the angle of the link pipe into the position that you want it, other variables enter like, the can hanger may not bolt on correctly, so make sure you’ve got all of that figured out aswell mate!


What about a high-mount option, Stan? Would require a new link-pipe and bracket. There’s outfit that make/sell them.

Are you anywhere near Romford stan? There’s a guy out there who does that sort of thing. He does my mates stubby exhausts. P.M me and I’ll try and sort something.

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badman; cheers m8 - see if i win the above on e-gay first 'if not i’ll send you a pm

if you do decide to heat it up, fill the link pipe with fine sand and tape up both ends securely, then bend it a bit at a time over a tightly packed sandbag, this should stop it from kinking (bit old school but it works)

bear in mind that any sharp angle in link pipe can affect the way the exhaust works, prob best to get one made, predators in hatfield make stuff like this and are quite reasonably priced