R8 V's bikes

Naughty and not something i would ever do!!:cool:



pretty cool! R8 driver wouldn’t of had a chance if someone riding the bike’s knew how to ride properly :stuck_out_tongue:

Awaits keyboard warriors

Good vid but it’s made me burn my roux for my squid pie :angry:

car drivers a c**t tbh at them speeds sitting that close behind the bikes is just murder waiting to happen

Bikes could have backed off if they wanted …takes 2 to tango nd all that .


no i’d never do that either…especially against an aston martin my friend was driving…:smiley: :smiley:

Really? I’m not sure where the official rules of engagement are written down but if you (theoretically speaking of course) choose to engage then you can expect some close racing. If you don’t want to engage then you can indicate, move out of the way and roll off. There are generally no winners or losers just players.

the 2 bikes are playing together car driver wants to play when hes not invited lol

There’s a time and a place for that type of riding/driving.

So what time and where we meeting :w00t:

invite was still in the post :stuck_out_tongue:

A ZX10 should see off an R8 though right?

Not necessarily, from a standing start and a clear road ahead yes with the right rider.
When your already doing a tonne then that’s a different story. Four huge tyres helping to stable the car in the corners and being able to manoeuvre better between traffic will play into the cars hands as will the brakes. The bike will have better acceleration but watching that video with the riders wearing suitable clothing!! I would guess they were in over their heads and not expecting the Audi to put up such a fight.

It’s very rare to come up against I super car where the driver actually can drive it at speed instead of just posing in it.

Shocking video in reality and not something that should be encouraged, although many of us would still try it :Whistling:

that kwak sounded superb.

And it wasn’t there - complete idiots - all of them - put everybody at risk.

Recipe for disaster really, which country are they in !

Yes, it is a stupid thing to do indeed.
I don’t think the country matters tho, idiots are everywhere!

But who doesn’t act like an idiot sometimes?
I think even a sensible person can be taken over by passion, pride, adrenaline…

Jeez guys, have you ever been young?
If you have never done anything like that in your life… well I hope at least you’ve had a threesome!



Even my physiotherapist seen that. We had topic for discussion. IMHO better is guy on ZX10 vs RS6 from few years ago.