R6 tyres... what would you recomend?


I’m new to biking and have just passed my test. I’mstill getting used to handling my dream machine and so take it out everywhere I go. In the five weeks of riding I’ve covered some serious milage. So much so that I’m now in need of some new rubbers on th front.

My metal horse is an R6 (2005) and is still on the original factory tyres. I don’t like them much… they don’t fill me with confidance after feelig them slip in th rain. Also i find that when i change down a gear the rear tyre make me think the back wheel is locking up.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I also have an R6 and I’m currently running on Michelin 2ct’s. They’re brilliant and even though I’ve pushed my bike pretty hard, I’ve not lost any grip with them both on the road and even on track days :slight_smile: (check my avatar, lol)

Can’t recommend them highly enough.

One point is, if you’re changing the front, probably best to change the rear at the same time.

On my R6 I had Bridgestone and they were pretty good, never had Michelin’s. If you are on the Dunlops get them changed, they are fcuking awful. Just changing the rear tyre will make a huge difference.

Try a pair of Pirelli Diablo Corsa III’s, there all you could want and need as your new to biking, they grip for days and days
Have decent tread to help out on Englands beautiful rainy days, and with the 3 different types of rubber compound the harder center of your tyre will last while the soft sides are still sticky and gripyPirelli may even be doing the £40 cash back if you buy a pair and send them the bill.

www.pirelli.co.uk - www.pirelli.com

Bang on…Snap …Ditto :cool:

Offer finished on 31st July:(

Then get them from Ghostie and there £220 fitted methinks
I have his number if you need it just PM me