R6 lowside

Let’s stop getting at a fellow Londoner for accidents that haven’t yet happened (and hopefully never will eh :wink: ) and concentrate on a noob Septic:

I mean; look at those lines! That’s ‘horrendous’.

Is it me or was he going slow. How did that happen!

If he hadnt tried to get his knee down hed have been fine:D

What is it with that road and bikes coming off???

Look at the shiny new bikes and new leathers, there is a clue there somewhere.:slight_smile:

Watch closely at the reaction from the guy in white as the crash happens… couldn’t stop laughing at how camp that looked!!! :smiley:

Yeah that cracked me up too. Bad luck taking out 2 other bikes with his own accident though

and his line coming into the first curve in the vid - joey!

even I (the Flying Circusss) wouldn’t do that.

@ Serri - yea, it’s strange. Almost as though it was some kind of biker reality game show where people do their best to show off Alpha skills.

Ouch . . .

Maybe he should spend some time learning how to use the throttle on something less expensive and with less power than a brand new R6.

The slowmo is great, you can imagine just what is going through his mind :blush:

Looks a little like these guys & in the same place to :unsure:

aaagh! not another Close Calls/ Near Misses comp! :wink:

^^^ Hehe… Yeah… Only because I stumbled across that of friday, & thought that looked familliar… What can ya do eh!!.. :smiley:

They look the same because they are. Youtube is packed full of people who have crashed on the Mulholland Highway.

Most of them filmed by rnickeymouse (the source of the two videos on this thread :wink: )

the ‘still’ shot before you play the vid looks like he’s a pro…seriously backing it in with KD and moto style on a r6,to top it off in spanking clean white leathers :rolleyes:

Mulholland Drive is popular cos its the only corner in the whole damm country… everything else is straight line grid crap…
This is the country that gave us the Harley, a bike that can’t turn for **** cos it never has to, there are no turns to negotiate…

its that bend, so many guys low side there, could it be that they are trying to force there knee down but not going fast enough??

or just crazy yanks cant do bends?

…and the Goldwing!


heh heh at the OP vid. The rider looks like a twerp perched like that on the bike: arms stright shoulders forward head up high, counter leaning, both knees out, tipping in and out of the gentle bend! Hope I dont ride like that… :blink: :smiley: