R6 Cutting out

So my nice new (well second hand new) ‘03 R6 has started to give me trouble. Was enjoying a ride round some nice country lanes on sunday when I came up behind a car. Took up sensible position awaiting overtaking oportunity when it slowed to turn right. I pulled up behind it and the engine cut out… Started up,set off and the same thing happened next time i stopped. Basically it won’ idle. In addition if you are slowing down and pull the clutch in you can’t rev the engine either so it just dies, although you can just about if you’ve just started the engine. It’s very peculiar, and was very tricky and unsafe to get home on…

Any thoughts anyone as to what teh problem might be?


does it splutter, pop bang, backfire etc or just cut out?

have you tried upping the idle speed?

when was the air filter changed / cleaned? when was it last serviced?

can you check all the hoses to the airbox?

Two possibilities…

One almost a definite, another a maybe.

2003 injected R6s had a problem with the spark plug ignition coils (being crap basically) which was a Yamaha recall done under warranty…The coils were replaced with Mitsubishi (I think) ones.

The other idea I had was that you may have a dodgy Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) which was also a problem in 2002-2005 Yamaha production bikes. Again, the item was replaced under warranty (or out of warranty in my case on my R1).

Take your bike to an official Yamaha dealer and ask whether the recalls have been done on your bike.

I recommend the Yamaha Service Centre in Fulham as they really know what they’re doing as opposed to other big dealers…Its worth the journey even if they are not local to you.


1a Grimston Road, Fulham, London SW6 3QL

or better yet, part exchange it for a GSXR

Goose is right! But on a serious note i read in fast bikes about 03 r6’s being recalled for the reasons stated earlier, and that yamaha was repairing it for free…

Why recommend an ugly bike to someone with obvious class…Oh I get it now…I’ve met you in person

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll get it checked out. Bought it from a dealer so have some warranty on it but I’ll also get the recall status checked out too.

Well, finally some possible progress on this, they think the regulator/rectifier is shot so that when the bike gets hot and the fan cuts in the load is too high and the ignition is affected. Here’s hoping…

This can happen if the Ohms drop. Only heard about it on a GSXR though.

common fault is the kill switch. poor connection after getting wet etc. good luck

As this know it all said

lol no seriously this is what it will be … had probs with my R6