R1 - Work In Progress

Any sane bike owner would have been out on their ride today what with the good weather. Unfortunately for me, it was a day to have my sorry looking R1 trailored from Woolwich back to my place by RAC.

The bike had been in my mates garage since last Saturday when I had a little off Today I stripped her down to assess the damage and give her a good wash…I was pleasantly suprised as the damage is no way near what I feared.

Well at least one side still looks good

Oh no

R&G took a pasting…Will start saving for some Woodcraft engine case protectors after replacing damaged cases

Respay and new Yam stickers and its back to mint

I washed the bike and took a (LONGGGG) break.

Naked (but clean) R1

Front fairing back on plus Phillips Vision Blue Bulbs

New full set of upper, lower, bar end and fork R&G crash protectors are waiting for me at the post office.

Gotta get the bike sorted in 3 days max.

Will post more later.

hey Afro, damage isnt too bad, I know loads of people who ride bikes looking like that, they are proud of their battle wounds, bit of duct tape and some stickers and noone will notice, just ride faster

wow you didn’t half finish late!

Doesn’t look as bad as I was expecting matey… that R&G saved you a lot of boter I think.


Cheers guys.

A quick update before I go to my (propa) work…

R&G’d up but they forgot the bluddy bar ends…

Any ideas how I remove these bolts?

Surprisingly minimal damage. R&G’s are the dogs danglies, I wouldn’t own a bike without them. Still, a shame it had to happen…

Any ideas how to remove those bolts that have become sheared mate?

Bang a groove into them with a sharp chisel and then unscrew them? I’m sure a pro would have a technique for this, but I’m just thinking off the top of my head.

Dremal a slot in them and use flat head screw driver, be very carefull mate if you remove the head of the bolt gonna have fun getting it out and not damagig the ally block.

Cheers mate…That whole case is gonna be replaced so not too worried about it.