R1 video

Soom good riding !!


that’s a great video Pete!

Quality video, and good riding, close to the wire though…

Id like to see the same but with GSXR1000K5

Great video… Luv the camera shots!!!

Wow…that is some pretty aggressive riding for the street. Cool camera work, though!

Brill video!

Then I can help

the camera mount used is the one here

I have bought it from the states and according to DHL it’s currently in customs clearance… Including the extra mount ( to go onto the grab rail or swing arm ) and shipping cost me the best part of $250

1 Steady Mount Optics Mounting System - $129.95
1 SteadyMount Rail Clamp SM-20 - $ 23.95
Subtotal: $153.90

Shipping: $ 86.75
Total: $240.65

I bought it for a project(s) I have planned for the summer but I’m more than willing to lend it to a few people when it arrives on a “you bend it you mend it” deal…

Will post the photo’s when it arrives …

Looks like a well made bit of kit alright. I use a bullet cam so prolly wouldnt need something so “big” as there is very little weight and size in the cam.

yeah I use a bullet cam too. The arm isn’t so much to take the weight of the camera as to get the shooting angle, that’s the main problem I have with bullet cam. That and the fact it doesn’t do 16:9

Here it is on my old Gixxer