r1 upper tail piece wanted

after my cough… 2… cough offs at cadwell my tail unit is a little worse for wear

anyone got an 04-06 tail piece knocking around. will need to spray it to black so not bothered about condition as long as its in one piece (i.e. scuffs/tatty is fine)


I have Afro’s old tail piece after we swapped some bits, I have a carbon tail end so it is my spare, I had no intention to sell it but you are welcome to make me an offer :slight_smile:

cheers - pm sent

I’ve got Redz one available too as a spare :laugh:

These R1s love crashing :smiley:

i think you`ll find its the riders that crash these r1s not the bikes themselves :P:D:P

STFU…Always have to spoil things :smiley:

Not heard anything back from my pm. I guess you got sorted out :wink: Just holla at me if you still need it.

I have an ANR unit spare infilled type with foam in good condition.