R1 Stolen

Yep. First time I leave her out of my sight and she gets hoiked…

Police have the whole thing on CCTV. 2 of them on a scooter, had the alarm / immobiliser (Datatool S4) out of the way in seconds, and the steering lock did nothing. This was in broad daylight, loads of people around.

Its a 2004 R1, Red / Black, lots of nice extras… I imagine it’s in pieces by now but some pics and a list of bits here: http://londonbikers.com/forums/Topic736933-39-1.aspx in case anyone sees anything…

Gutted for ya fella , where was it ?

Christ man, somethings gotta be done! We gotta keep our bikes anchored everywhere we go, someone will always be watching!

Sorry for ur loss mate.


Sorry mate…

Very sorry to hear this Andy.

Oh man that’s horrible hope they pay out quick and sherrie doesn’t see this

:crying: fkin bstards!

I’m happy she is on the other side of the Atlantic that’s for sure! SORRY Sherrie!

Thanks all, feel sick about it… She’s irreplaceable for what I’ll get from the insurance. :frowning:

Bad news. :frowning:

sorry to hear about the loss - good luck with sorting insurance and stuff

How much plastic explosive can you get in a bikes petrol tank and still have enought room for a radio controlled detonator and enough petrol to get to and from work each day?

Would there also be room for a small bag of steel ball bearings?

Sorry to hear about your loss Andy. May the thieving scum-bags kill themselves on it.

I’m working in a Suzuki dealership in Finchley and we got a new 2011 GSXR-750-L1 demonstrator with just 70 miles on it. I’ll let you have it for the same price as a new GSXR-600 at the end of this month mate. Let me know if you’re interested and want a test ride.

Holy Cr*p!! How often has this happened since the beginning of the month. I guess nobody in the public wants to get involved… I can’t say I blame them as you don’t know how desperate some of these people are.

It’s a sinking feeling in your gut when you notice the empty space where your bike was. Sorry to hear it mate.


Sorry to hear that dude, I’ve never lost a bike yet but I’ve had my car stolen and it truly is a horrible feeling

Good luck with sorting out your insurance and everything

Im sorry to hear of your loss,its crazy stuff how many are getting nicked.

From a newbies point of view and also someone who is into security as a locksmith im amazed at how many scoots and bikes i see with hardly any security on them.Was up london all day yesterday and literally gobsmacked at the amount of easily nickable bikes around.
Ok almax seems to be the chain to have yet not seen one in use yet, why ?

You cannot rely on the public or having your bike in a public place for security, it doesnt work.If someone looks like they are meant to be doing something nobody will even bat an eyelid.I know as i often have to break into houses, unattended, as part of my work.Ive not been challenged once in 5 years and that time i was challenged, 5 years ago, was by someone delivering leaflets and i was in his way, he just walked off when i told him i was breaking in and didnt say a word !!