R1 STARTER MOTOR NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2005 MODEL

I have finally worked out what is wrong with my bike, the starter motor is fried! PLEASE if anyone has or knows of a used starter motor for a 2005 R1 PM me. Must be a 2005 model!

told ya, GSXR…

Coming drag racing next weekend?

GSXR…GSXR… At times I wish you’d bought the busa you were looking at! Tell me what helped you decide between the 2? Drag racing? What are you dragging? Your knee? LOL

Bless, I got your text and it is doubhtfull my beautiful YAMAHA YZF R1 will be back on the road (unless someone finds me a starter motor)

Might be up for this drag racing lark…Do they take card payments.

NoAfroR1, PM ya number and I will call ya

Sorry to hear Redz, will keep an eye out

Mate that noAfro thing is wearing thin…You chose to call yourself a Goose and I respect that…Do the same for me…Seen

Can you just post up the details of the drag company…I will contact them direct.

Heres the info