R1 running on constant choke/overrevving on idle

Need some advice - bike started up fine this morning and ran at 2k like normal whilst it go some temp up. Prob is it hasn’t gone back to it’s normal 1k-ish as it warmed up

Is this the throttle position sensor suddenly blowing or sommat else?

Going to try and get it to Rhalf asap but need to ride in the meantime to get to clients


are you sure the chock is coming off? ive heard of some chock cables been stuck on (usually under the tank)

Sounds like it could be your fast idle controller sticking (I presume its a newer model with FI etc).

If its like others its a spring loaded plunger that should move back into position as the temperature rises, they sometimes stick from road crap and dirt etc and need a little clean to bring back to normal.

Not sure where it is on an R1 but check out a haynes etc and have a look to see if its not returning to its closed position.

They can easily be knocked back in gently with something if you can see it without getting fairings off, but if it is that then they can be cleaned and even dismantled fairly easily - depending on location of course.

Thanks pan, should have mentioned it’s the 06 so fuel injected auto choke

that sounds like it could be the answer davey. Think I’ve got the service manual at home so will take a look. If anyone knows where it is please let me know

doh! should have remembered that you have a new R1 :rolleyes:

no probs, and sadly not so new anymore.

I’ve also noticed now theres a faint smell from the front of the bike, possibly burnt coolant? smells quite acrid.

johnnybravo (13/05/2010)

Have you cleaned the bike recently?

I noticed on mine that if any cleaning agent gets anywhere near the downpipes at the front, sometimes you get a smell.

ACF 50 smells quite fragrant :smiley:

i use old spice :hehe:

It could be a split on an inlet rubber or the like allowing unmetered air in?

nothing sprayed on the bike, and no obvious material on the exhaust/engine altho i haven’t taken the fairings off to check properly

so just went down to play with the bike and turn down the idle to at least make it a bit more rideable and the bike ‘seems’ to have returned relatively to normal. i’ve put the idle down a little bit anyway but will have to see how it goes.

bike is due back at the garage for one of the sparks to be changed so will see how it goes i guess.

had same prob on my sv, but it was stuck idleing at 3k, my SV had the same problem, was the throttle bodies/injectors, costly to fix too.