R1&R6 owners?

How many of us are R1/6 riders,how about we get together for a rideout?

I ride an R6 and would be interested in a ride/meet with similar owners.

R1. Count me in. 3 of us so far, this is gonna be massive…


I have an R1 but don’t really see the point of a bike specific rideout.

Why not just organise a rideout and invite everybody? Just remember to let people know the intended pace of the ride.

Just thought a group of R1’s and 6’s would be a manageable thing to sort out,would be nice to see half a dozen or so together,plus we wouldnt have to keep waiting for the gsxr’s to catch up!(JOKE). Also wouldnt mind a LB members rideout but organising something big normally results in 20 pages of posts by people who cant make a certain date or want to go on a specific route,i just fancied meeting up and heading out for the day with a few like- minded riders.

Yeah, like I said 3 of us so far. This is gonna be massive lol shando:DPS. Why not bike/type specific? V Twins are doing it. Shoulda posted it on the ride outs part of the forum mate.