Purchased a new PC3 USB in ebay and gonna sling it in the bike at the weekend. Hopefully going to get over to Frank Wrathalls the following week to get it dialled in.

Hopefully if its nice weather when I get over I’ll be heading out for a blast to Devils Bridge once I’m dyno’d!

Good going Floyd Please video the Dyno if you can, I’m sure people would like to see your R1 being thrashed! Personally I love watching my bike on the dyno, can’t get enough of the noise!

Sounds excellent Floyd, if only I knew what you were talking about…

But unless it is some wobbly yellow horror, it can only enhance that beauty of an R1 ! So get to it, and please please please video the dyno run.

Oh, and stand by for mainlanders invading the Isle of Mongs again this year. Mebbe give you a heads up first this time…

hehe… I will video the dyno run for sure! Frank Wrathalls has a great reputation for tuning apparently so I’m looking forward to it.

Hey it would be great to see some of you peeps over here… My place is always available for people to crash in… save splashing out another ton on hotels and stuff. I aint big but theres a good sofa and a blow up MATRESS on the floor and loads of floor space. Any LBer is more than welcome if they wanna save a few pounds.

“I ain’t big but there’s a good sofa…” LOL Are the two facts connected? Is your gaff like Bilbo Baggins’ place in Hobbit Town? LOL LOL

Isle of Mongs indeed

Seriously, defo give you a heads up when me & mates come over although we’ll prob B&B it so we can hang together. If they bottle it (not unknown) there maybe just me! So I may take you up on that.

Rock on.

You will love the transformation on the botton line power of your bike mate! Well done