R1 or GSXR1000

After far to many years of being in a cage I’m coming back to 2 wheeled community. I’ve been looking mostly at the 2009 R1 but had a look at the GSXR also. Is there really such a difference between the two bikes in terms of quality, performance, ect? Seems like I could get a GSXR for nearly 2K less than the R1!

I’d go for the R1. Also, don’t know where you are looking but they are about the same price.



ah yea that older model R1 is pretty close in price. I was looking at the newer bug eye one.

Like this one?


that’s the one :slight_smile:

Don’t get that one though its been cat D’d

The SV1000 i had was an insurance write off and it was fine the whole time I had it. Would be happier to buy a low milage bike though as i’ll have it for a few years. Still not sure where the price difference is coming from though. In ebays defense that does knock about a grand off of most of the ones i had seen.

Every single vehicle I’ve owned I have sourced on eBay with the exception of the car I have now and I’ve never had a problem with any of them.

I do agree written off bikes can be as good as (if not better) than standard bikes its just the curse that bike has lol. I’m not glutton for punishment :cool:. £5, 800 will probably secure you that bike for £6, 000 I reckon.

Good luck with your searching. Best advice I can give you is don’t rush in to it otherwise you’ll regret it.

Having ridden both I would go for the GSXR .:slight_smile:

I’d test ride an 08 onwards Fireblade. Probably better than both.

There’s very little between the performance of the R1 and the GSXR, they will both blow your mind. Which one is better? They’re both far better than us mere mortals and the limiting factor would only be the rider.

Which one is good for you? It depends on what you want and how much you want to spend, there’s no right or wrong.

Definitely go and see/try them out in the flesh and weigh that up, it will answer a lot of questions.

Some say the R1 is ugly (I agreed at first) and not have the bullet proof engine of the GSXR.

My choice is the R1 because once it’s dialled in it’s incredibly easy to ride fast and get the power down as it’s so well balanced and inspires confidence, more so than my 08 Blade (sorry Afro).

At the end of the day there really is not a lot in it, it’s down to what suits you and your pocket. Perhaps the sound of the R1 might just sway it?

cross plane crank R1… :cool: love the sound and the looks. But then I am a kid and buy on those two things, and havent wridden either ha ha :hehe:

I went back to Suzuki and have a Gixer 750 and love it, really is something special about a Gixer.

The cross-plane crank R1’s have a reputation for having quite jerky fuel-injection and being difficult to ride at lower town speeds. Have also heard a few stories of quality issues with the R1.

The GSX-R will be a very competent bike, but as has been mentioned, you might want to take a look at an 09 CBR1000RR, which in terms of all-round ability blow the R1 and the GSX-R out of the water. Plus it can look lovely in the right colours (Repsol or HRC)

I have just gone back to a gsxr1000 K6 and have to say its one hell of a machine.

I have a gixxer thou too and wouldn’t ride anything else, love it to bits. There’s something special about it and the way it makes me feel.

You considered a zx10r?


Not orange though!