R1 New Tire - was it you ?!

Got my mean machine Yamaha SR125 sorted out recently at JR Lock Yamaha dealers in Edomnton, went to pick it up on the saturday and it was waiting for me by the shutters - next to a black yamaha bike.
Guy behind the counter has a little mumble/chuckle about all repairs collections at the same time, and suggests we race - my SR125 VS some dude’s jet black R1.

Of course this race doesn’t happen but I went upstairs to get a neck toobe (my mrs driving me there in the car and my little girle with me) then all you could here was a noise and then my little darlin said 'Daddy what’s that?" - the sound of the R1 startin up scared the **** outta her (and …errrr…me)

Anyway got home, got a 2 year old little ladie exctited about bikes, mrs isn’t too keen !!

Is the guy with the R1 on here ?Black fella, dark clothing, gave my little lady a little smile (before his R1 scared her!!!) was there for a new back tyre if I remember properly?!?!?!

You have to get the wee ones started early… my sis’ youngest kid loves the sound of my bike and apparently starts looking round for her fave auntie whenever she hears a bike (she’s 15 months old now & I think my sis regrets now plonking her on the back to wind me up a year ago )

Haha I’ve noticed when I’m at lights etc. kids are bewildered by bikes, the amount of times they stop and stare (only to be dragged on by their guarian).

We had a job last weekend of dragging her highness off the display model electric kids sports motorbike in Woolworths in llford!

My youngster loves my firestorm she even knows what all the buttons do and how to start it up better hide the keys when she is older, the first time she started it up she was reving the engine and all hooting the horn she is a nutter 2 and a half years mad.

My 4yr old son has been mad on bikes since he was a baby… He loves MotoGP and can name almost all of the riders, he is also a fan of WSB and to a lesser extent BSB, but for some strange reason he doesn’t like the noise my bike makes