R1 for GSXR?

I have had my R1 for over 3 years now, I love it and have spent way too much money on it, from Galfer wavey discs to Raven front forks (because I wanted black forks!) :stuck_out_tongue:

I was having a play on Afro’s GSXR last night and I really enjoyed the ride, it felt like a 600 but with so much more power than my R1.

I am seriously considering a swap :cool: I want a black one standard or modded like mine. But I dont wanna spend any money!

Edit: This post has been Afro’ed

Yeah ok mate…

If the R1 is an 09 :Whistling:


Oi! Cheeky sod! Youre abusing your moderation authority! After you rode my R1 you said ‘man I love my new Gixsa but I do miss that imense power the R1 has!’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Sort out your priorities then buy a CB125.

And then you woke up, wiped the sleep out your eye and said, “what a pleasant dream” :smiley:

Hehe mate, keep yer R1!!! its a loverly machine, and has more than enough power :slight_smile: