R1 courier bike WTF!!!!!

this guy turns up to my work picking up a package wearing Velcro elbow pads and what looked like knee pads for a skateboard aswell

loving the muffs:w00t:

Think I’ve seen that R1 before, I do wonder why on earth they commute on such expensive machines! Is courier-ing that well paid?! :w00t:

dude if courier jobs pay enough to run that thing, count me in.

he didnt look like he had been doing it long by what we was wearing and the cost of running her in central london must be huge

Looks like someone who had recently been in a well paid job but has been made redundant, this is his way of making ends meet 'till he finds something else. All credit to the guy, he’s getting off his arse and doing something rather than signing on (unless he’s signing on as well, of course!).

Sign of the times. Wouldn’t be surprised to see the odd Ducati, Harley or 'Busa doing the courier circuit in the current climate.


here here…and bloody good on him!!!i would do it on my k6 750 too if i had too…after all…she is my workhorse in all seasons to work and back…and with over 45,000 miles in 3 years…she’s still going well…:D.smiled:).

I saw a courier turn up on a Suzuki Hayabusa once. :slight_smile:

Made me think of sledgehammers and walnuts. . . :smiley:

I used to know a Brazilian bloke on an R1 Rossi rep. Used to love following him as he was quick and everyone moved out of the way, thinking he was a cop :wink:

bit liek me self;)

i can do beter than trhat shiver, i know of a fella that couriers on an 09 R1, 08 shape red and white one:D

I’ve seen a courier on a Busa a couple of times in the west end & another bloke that always canes it past my office a K6 750 :slight_smile:

an r1 finally put to good use :w00t:

That’s nothing compared to the courier I occasionally see on the Old Kent Road on an RSV.
Small plate on the bike, big plate on the top box. I reckon it’s not his “daily ride”, but respect anyhow …


A couple months ago I’m sure I saw a Ducati at Essential that was being used as a courier - with carbon Termi’s and everything!!

I came across a medical courier on a Busa on the A312 … he could really ride it too! We had a good blast together for a few miles. :smiley:

lewis day? near heston?

Busa will do anything, amazing bikes.

oh and i know a fella that was couriering on a 09 ZX10-R:w00t:

any bike can be used to for couriering…its wether you can keep up teh runnign costs;)

I’ve met a courier on a Blackbird before… wouldn’t want to slot that through traffic though, and I bet you’d be a fairly regular visitor to Essential Rubber… not to mention chain wear… brake pads… clutch… fakk I hardly made any money 'spatching on an NTV, I don’t see how you could run a big bike like that and make ANY money whatsoever…