R1 Alex

Yeah!! But with the exception of drifting ( which his ******* awesome at). His ******* toffee!!! The uks best smash it out in street wear for a reason!!

Provocative :Whistling:

does anyone here know if he even rides these days? … havnt seen any recent vids of him

Alex Dear, have tried many times with many combination of your given email on Sunday, to send you this email bellow on your Aol email address: [email protected], but didn’t work.

Alex Dear,

You are just a GREAT guy, an I am so glad I met you on Sunday. Was watching on youtube your brave and ‘dangerous’ art with your motorbike. You like challenge ‘danger’…if you are not motorbike great rider, you would be great pilot or great astronaut or something similar.

Think, your son (and your future children) is and will be proud of having you be his father. Hope you will be proud of him too.

You will like this great Thomas Sheridan speaker on this video bellow. It will confirm something that you already know much of it:

“Stop Being Food for the Reptilian Complex” - Epic Sermon from Thomas Sheridan


Should you want listen to more, this is his youtube channel:


And this is web site that expose official criminals-reptilians:


With Affinity, Nada [email protected]


just to anser your question,no he dont steal them.he may ride them like that but no.there his.

yeah he still riding,but not sure if he has done any vids lately but he is still ripppin them roads up.