R1 Alex



wicked vid ive got to get a gopro and start making better vids

ratty i think i see you coming out the rotherhithe tunnel yesterday around 9ish

I saw most of this footage a year ago :wink:

No sh*t…

me too:D well about a year and half ago to be precise;)

That guy is nuts…See when Alex was drifiting down that narrow road and that man moved his child back so he didn’t get hit:Whistling:

Goading the police is asking for trouble…:smiley:

If I was in the police again and he did that to me, I’d just smile and call him a **** under me breath:D

if it weren’t ratty, it may well have been me, i was thru there at that time

undertaking in the bus lane tut tut :slight_smile:

wasnt me!:smiley:

This guy is/was(?) spectacular. I have seem him at the Beckton site. I asked someone how he gets home or can afford to blow tyres like that every night and the response was that they thought he stole the bikes!:angry: Can that be true?:unsure:

yep, was me! Nothing wrong with that, you’re allowed in that bit of the bus lane, just gotta watch out for cagers pulling left!:smiley:

I wouldnt be suprised if he was a racer. that would mean he has alot of used trackday tyres kicking around. plus it could explain his amazing bike control.

Just because he can wheelie and slide the rear, doesn’t mean anything compared to track riding.

Its like saying I’m amazing at downhill bikes, I could win the tour de france…



Unbelievable skills… i can’t even comprehend that level of control. Still always watch with bated breath when i see guys bare chested with no gloves etc :pinch:
Does it help to be unrestricted by leathers/protection when doing this stuff?

Ok sorry.
I was only sayin i wouldnt be suprised. I know a couple of racers for two known bsb teams and they spend most of there time when not in the garage or track side doing exactly this. They can afford to because they get new bikes every other month and unlimited tyres but I could be wrong with this guy. I was just saying it wouldnt supprise me if he did. Plus he looks the perfect build and look by his control he rides bikes all day but I guess anyone who doesnt know him will never know…

for slower stunting leathers are really restrictive, most of the guys and girls in the uk stunt scene wear body armour/jacket and some sort of armoured jeans for trying new stuff and comps, but if its a relaxed practice session then t shirt and shorts or normal jeans and a jacket allow you to be more comfy on the bike, most people wear trainers for better feel of the pedals and the bike underneath you,

for the faster stuff in this vid, me personnally i would rather have leathers on!!:w00t: but at the end of the day its what your more comfortable in!! you know that if your gonna come off then you can damage yourself, your gear or your bike!! but to get to any sort of level in stunting you’ll have have plenty of spills but its all part of it!!!:slight_smile:

What do you know you Chav :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats real good stuff can you tell me where the “Beckton site” is please?
Would like to check it out.

hello sweet heart!!xxxx

Sparky wears full Knox armour (that includes the armour shorts/chest and back protector with shin/knee armour and a armour jacket) with textile/leather jacket and trousers…