Hi everyone this bike belongs to my cousin,who in the past year has been working in dubai.

He has now decided he is going to live there and asked me to try and sell his bike for him.

There are a few lb members who know this bike and know that it is in immaculate condition.

For over a year the bike has been is storage so is out of tax and mot,but all of this can be sorted if sold.

GOOD BITS: ohlins forks,ohlins rear shock,ohlins stearing damper with harris bracket

Gilles rear sets in gold,gilles clip-ons,gilles chain adjusters.


K&N oil and air filter

Harris flush mount indicators

Aftermarket undertray with indicators built in

Blue double bouble screen

crg levers in gold

Yamaha race triple clamps

Full r&g set up

Gold probolt fastners and bolts everywhere

pvm wheels

wavey rear disc

pfm front brake set up

braided hoses

datatool system 3 alarm

I believe this is all of it.

Bad points: Frame has been replaced due to a crack in the old one,receipt from yamaha present and the old frame is present to prove the crack.

The numbers have been re stamped by yamaha.

there are a few marks on the right hand side of the bottom belly pan.

open to sensible offers people as this bike has alot of money spent on it

i forgot to mention that the ohlins were purchased from r1fan who had the suspension set up and built by an ohlins tech


r1 001.jpg

Yamaha do not restamp frame numbers. If a frame is replaced by a Yamaha dealer (under warranty or because of crash dammage) it has to be left blank. There is no way a yamaha dealer can or would stamp any numbers on a frame.

the mechanic at the workshop re stamped the number so is not original engraving