R.I.P fella. Didn’t know you, but saddened by this.



Why do people find it funny to do that when it clearly is attempted murder in my eyes.

Totally agree johnp. I hope they find whoever it was and deal with them appropriately. A life for a stupid prank. Sick minded people.

Shocking! Would like more details on this, for example how big the rock was, could have been more than one person involved…

enough things to worry about other than kids puting rocks in the road.

Did anyone read the comments at the bottom?

Someone was complaining about the diversion that was put it place by the police whilst the investigation took place. Total disregard for someone else’s life really.

On a similar note didn’t Amit (immortal Indian) get taken out by a ratchet strap stretched across the road, which could also be seen as attempted murder.

R.I.P. to this poor chap, probably just on his way to work and this happened :frowning:

Totally f’d up.

Predated murder. Pure and simple… insert “C” word here.

We’rent that long ago that some tossers kept chucking concrete blocks off of bridges on my stretch of the A12. They succeded into taking out a nice older lady instead.


Rest in peice to the unfortunate rider

they need to put cameras / higher perspex sides on these bridges

This actually made it on the the Beeb local news last night, which is how I heard about it. It’s a route I use fairly frequently and it makes it so much more shocking because it’s so local to and there’s a chance that at some point I may have met the bloke.

If (and it’s a big IF, as the accident’s still being investigated) it was caused by a rock in the road - deliberately placed or otherwise - it brings home to me the dangers of possible target fixation, as it’s a stetch of road that’s wide enough to easily ride around small obstructions.

Whatever the reasons or the cause, RIP bloke.

The puzzling thing about this is that the road in question is a 30mph limit but also has speed cushions all the way down it. The TV broadcast last night said he had travelled 50/70 meters after striking the rock. Down this particular road the gap between the speed cushions is very small as is the gap between the cushions and the kerb. Riding down the road with all these cushions (trying to avoid them as we do) would certainly focus any rider on the road surface ahead.

None of which detracts from the tragedy that has happened.


Sad to read. RIP rider.

I rode over a rock the other day while in a line of traffic, coincidentally in a 30 with speed bumps…of course the cars just drove ‘over’ it. I was following at a sensible distance but the car in front snagged the rock with his rear tyre and it popped out in front of me, just on the edge of the speed bump. Fortunately my front tyre just hopped over it and the rear missed it. I guess it was about the size of a potato so more a large stone than a rock but I remember thinking at the time that it could have been nasty if I had hit it with the side of the tyre…

+1 , RIP

The rock may of fallen from the back of a lorry, you should see the size of rocks that get left on the A102 around Blackwall.
This normally occurs when the lorries are overloaded or the sheeting is not deployed.

Anyhow another sad day for some family loosing a loved one.