R.I.P Pimlico Pilot

R.I.P. martin. I was shocked when I was told, and still cant believe it… I shall miss your random appearances for coffee, and your glowing enthusiasm for everything to do with your bike.

Rest well…

When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.

Totally shocked and very sad news I just found out today. I only met Martin once the other day on Rod’s ride out and he seemed like a really nice guy.

My heart goes out to the family. RIP.

I found out over the weekend and was completely shocked… don’t know the full circumstances but it seems such a silly accident

I was only talking to him a week ago, he was genuine, funny and loved his bikes, will be sorely missed :crying:


Sad, he did seem a genuine bloke and from the people I’ve met and spoken too, they’ve always said he was a top guy.

very sad,only said hi to him a couple of times seemed like a realy nice fella.


Shocking news indeed. I met him a few times on my ride-outs…he’d become quite a regular, in fact. He was a very friendly gentleman. Such a shame.

Really sad news my thoughts go out to his loved ones and friends…


Been doing a fair bit of thinking the last few days and the best I can sum it up with is “It is better to have lived and died, than never to have lived at all”

Martin lived life to the full. Whenever he took something new on (Diving / Flying / Riding) - he did it properly. He knew the risks yet he opted to make the most of his time, irrespective. Riding was to cost him his life, but his life was lived to the full.

RIP mate.

sad news, RIP,

Sorry for spamming - http://announcements.thetimes.co.uk/obituaries/timesonline-uk/obituary.aspx?n=martin-ackner&pid=154277446

I was very shocked and sad to hear of the accident of Martin, I hadn’t known him long but it was a pleasure to have known him. He was a very nice geezer and will be missed by all.
My thoughts are with friends and family.



RIP Buddy…

not so smiled.

I see a memorial rideout is planned for tomorrow - Friday 4th, to coincide with the funeral. I will be there.


From a neewbie to the forum… …we never met of course. But sounded by the kind the kind words here and his own posts, like a top fella.

R.I.P… …my respects to the family also.

Just to say, this isnt a memorial rideout, this is just to mark respect. We will be organising a memorial rideout at a later date:)

Correction accepted! :slight_smile:

lol no worries! i just done want people getting confused:w00t:

I obviously was! :slight_smile: