R&Gs - how far do you go?

That’s unbelievable…

I have R&G on the front fork’s, fairing and swing arm with plans to get the engine cover as soon as im riding again, I have them to keep my baby safe plus I actually think the R&G stuff is a good look

Be smart get them before you take a tumble I know too many guys wishing they had them on after they crashed

After they crashed… thats all I used to hear when working for them at NEC and Ally Pally shows! Felt so sorry for these guys but thats what is takes some people to fit them.

Unfortunatly they don’t do anything else other than bar ends and main bungs for my model of bike but have said if they get mine in for a few days then they will produce them as there is a market for the other bits now.

Hint - if you are one of the very first to get a new model of bike then call them, they always need new bikes in to design the bits for, will usually arrange pick up of bike and for letting them have your bike for a few days they don’t charge you for what that have made for it.

Simple… don’t crash

In the majority of cases bungs can help but as pointed out in most cases they work well, bungs saved my engine casing when i high sided and the bike ended up in a bus stop, alas they didn’t save the tank, the bars, mirror and tail plastic, but ho hum. Often wondered why manufacturers don’t put on bungs as std, guess it’s like saying “you might crash”… who knows

If a manufacturer was to put them on as standard think about all the money they would lose from people buying spare parts just dropping your bike off the side stand makes them a tidy profit:

.Side faring
.Handle bars
.New paint

For us its love for them its business!

They saved me a fortune when I binned my SV, not sure about the 749 though, I really don’t want to drill two huge holes in the fairing!
Will probably fit swingarm ones sooner rather than later though…

know what you mean baggazee, didn’t put them on the 748 for the same reason - they dont look so bad on the jap bikes given the way they do the fairings/vents etc but on the one piece sides on the ducati they look a wounder!

i am putting them on the r1 by the way, it just a question of the engine casing one which from previous experience gets in the way big time

R & G crash bungs are right up there with sliced bread. I took a spill on a puddle of diesei the other day and while i was rolling around the ground all i could see was my bike spinning down the road, all i could think was that my poor bikes totalled how wrong was i. Once i picked the bike up expecting the worse the only damage was to my fairing bungs and my rear swingarm bobbins, nothing else was touched. So put your protectors on and have peace of mind.