R&Gs - how far do you go?

OK so i’m not doubting that R&Gs work but wondering how far to go. my first bike was possibly a bit overkill ( i bunged everything in sight)

i’ve been looking at peoples bikes and most that i’ve seen to go for the fairing bungs (mid-high) and bar ends

the full bung list tho are

front forks

fairing (mid/high mount)

lower engine (great for smacking your shins on)

swing arm (bobbin style)

bar ends


any thoughts/recommendations (and yep, they’re to go on the R1)


Hmmm… on my Gixxer I’ve got R&G:

Crash BungsExhaust SliderSwing Arm BungsFront Fork BungsNot that I’m paranoid!

R&G even sent me seventy-odd quids worth of replacement bits free of charge when I binned the bike last year and I sent them video and picture footage. Top blokes!

I’ve got main crash protectors and bar end protectors.

The exhaust protector wont fit on my bike cos of the position of the bolts that hold the exhaust on We tried when it was on their stand as a display bike at Silverstone last year.

charly do you mind putting up a pic of that tail tidy - am thinking of getting the integrated r&g unit for the hornet… still undecided…

do you find you bang your shins on the low mount one?

had them on the r6 and I was black and blue for ages til i got used to them being there.

R&G’s have saved a fair amount of damage to my SV so far. The main problem with crash bungs is that they stick outside the normal line of the bike, well thats what they are supposed to do. In most instances this is fine, the bike slides on them nicely. The problem you get is when it hits something soft, they dig in and can cause the bike to flip. I was told when getting the bike ready for racing that I should not put on fork protectors are they are far more likely to dig into something and cause damage as opposed to protection. The bike has been down the tarmac on three occasions so far, the normal R&G’s have done the job nicely. A can protector probably would have been nice as well, but, the can is hardly damaged even after a 100mph+ slide.

Well I guess you can’t have too many, obviously your pontoon bridge sized plates could be a problem and not every bike can have two sets of frame mounts (?)

The Trumpet has bobbins, engine mounts and fork legs ones. The 7 has the engine mounts, fork legs and exhaust shield. Bobbins will be done soon.

You know they look “well’ard” too!

You gotta go all the way to give you that extra bit of bravery when coming into that bend

JB is so brave he shuts his eyes as he peels into bends … LoL

I’ve got both on my R6 trackbike and it’s fine for me. Guess it depends on people’s size and their body position on a bike.

It’d be nice to see more manufacturers putting thought into extra crash protection points, although I guess that would hamper their spare parts sales…

Have a look at the pictures of my bike after my crash on Brands… I knoe the bike would have been a LOT worse if I didn’t have R&G’s on! Well worth it.



Get them all mate, they’re invaluable and will save the bike from simple falling off the side-stand accidents, to medium speed slides, to saving it from severe frame/engine damage at high-speeds. They’re well worth it, and that’s from experience.

The swingarm ones save the swingarm (funnily enough), and act as stand-jacks, and the rest help keep the fairings, footpegs and engine covers off the ground. It makes the difference between being able to ride home, or wondering how the hell you’re going to pay for recovery and so many new pieces for your bike.

Here’s the protection to the my swingarm when my Gixxer went down. They cost about £20 for a set and saved me a new swingarm!



I got all of them and recommend!

you’re not wrong about the catch and flip chufster. my mate at silverstone saw his bike get about 6 foot of air after sliding into the grass and landed down on the back end. got double the damage as a result. road wise i’ve heard that you can get the same from manhole covers and potholes altho odds are lower you’ll strike one i guess

defo foxy - just looked at the attachement your pic has the fairing bung but no engine mount one. looks like it was just that and the engine casing that took the tarmac. do you reckon the additional bund on the mount infront of the rear set would have done anymore for the save?

when i had the r6 and er, slid it down upper thames street even with the bobbins the casing is sufficiently proud that it gets a skimming

I’m just wondering if it would be better to get a high mount and a hardened race casing? the 50-60 squid for them might be better spent there?

basically is that lower one really that effect

have to admit a little part of is it that the lower one is f-ing huge and imho a bit on the ugly side, and i’m a ponce!

I guess the important thing is that the bung took enough of the impact that your engine casing didn’t wear through completely. I’ve seen that happen (without bungs) and then you end up with oil everywhere and gravel and cr*p inside the engine. Game over.

My Gixxer (in the same crash) had the casing skimmed too, but not enough to go through. I took it off and replaced it with an NRC hardened one.

I’ve got the fairing bungs on mine. Saved the fairing after my little drop which was good but still ended up with a scuffed engine cover and snapped gear shift.

They’re worth their weight in gold mate. Get em all except the ones for the frony forks.

I have spent an inordinate amount of time ensuring I got crash bungs fitted to my bike. I still think they are well worth it.

flatout was saying at cubana that the theiving little scrotes at boxhill actually knicked the bungs off his bike!