R & G's and mounting bolts

Yesterday while fiddling around with the bike I realised one of my R&G’s has disappeared (the right hand/offside one). Now I’ve been out and replaced the bungs (another £55 :crying:) and it seems that the engine hasn’t dropped but I’m now missing the nut from the back of the bolt.

Does anyone know where I can get a replacement from? Or even better, does anyone have one lying around?

Cheers in anticipation…


I’m missing an engine mounting bolt from my bandit, The belly pan uses the fixing and must have worked it loose under high revs… Doh!

Ordered a replacement bolt and wierd bolt which fit behind the engine mount for about £4 from the dealer. You need to make sure your engine mounting bolts fit snug for obvious reasons.

Figured £4 was less expense than finding a nut and bolt supplior and the right length and part number for the bolt.

Yeah I figured either Chiswick Honda or maybe Tipetts…I just hope and pray they maybe keep them in stock cos I need the bike for Wednesday and don’t really want to ride it without.

wouldnt keep your hopes up on that one…

dealers with parts you need in stock???

you having a laugh :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it an ordinary nut?

If it is you can get them from any car spares place.

If its a special, try http://www.inoxbolt.co.uk/productmainmenu.htm

Loctite the nut this time.