R&G crash bungs... HELP!!!

Hi all,

I’ve got some R&G crash bungs for my BMW F800ST which is all well and good but it requires drilling the fairing, which being the complete DIY bodger I am I’m loath to try myself (even if I could find a bleedin’ 28mm hole saw, do they exist??). I tried the BMW dealer route, “that’ll only cost £120 sir”, hmmm bargain, NOT!

Does anyone know anyone who could help me in my hour of need?! I’m willing to travel to get em fitted and of course the rewards for my hero would be vast indeed!!!

Many thanks for looking!


Ask charley! (CharleyBR600RR)

I thought he did alarms? Bungs too, my my he’s multi-talented!! Cheers Sean

I ask charley to do everything to my bike - except service it!(i do that)

£120 for 15 minutes work? Blimey, I didn’t realise owning a BMW cost so much!

Tell me about it… they said it would probably take an hour and a half? Must be because like most beemer riders there all old and slow! Oh bugger, that includes me at the tender age of 27

Little tip I’ve found useful for drilling fairings for crash bungs is to use a lazer. I use one in my day job anyway so I’m sort of used to setting one up.

Strip the fairing off the bike and then center the lazer on the center of the mounting point. Don’t move the lazer or the bike and offer up the fairing panel to its mountings. Now the lazer should indicate the center of the hole to be drilled in the fairing. Mark this with a felt tip or something similar and you can then take it away to drill on the bench which makes things easier.

Fitted loads of bungs this way and never faffed a hole. You don’t need a pukka lazer level. You could get away with using a lazer pointer and some judicial tape and tripod use.

I bought some at the show today and will be hacking (carefully) at my fairing tomorrow. I’ve got a Wickes up the road and they sell a holesaw set with a buch of different sizes. Tip I was given by the chaps at r & g was to cover the area with tape before you drill to stop the bit slipping. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Iv done a few drill a small pilot hole then use a dremel and carefully make the hole bigger, i can do it where abouts are you ??

Cheers for the tip Barry, unfortunately I don’t have a laser so I’ll have to rely on the pointy tool provided by R&G. Got a set of hole saws today from Maplin, £5.99, bargain so I’ll give it a bash tomorrow after work if I can grow some balls by then!

Leggy Pete, I’m in Wallington, any help/moral support is always appreciated!

Use a Dremel mate as a saw will hack the fairing.