Quoting a post

Would it be possible eventually to change the quote function so we could ‘edit’ the quote, i.e., show just the relevant passage. At the moment, we might want to quote something in the very end of a long post, but the quote function shows just the start of the post, making our post less meaningful.

Sounds like a decent enough idea to me.

Only if you donate your first-born to LB, Paivi. Well, seriously, perhaps, though it’s not something we would develop inhouse, it’ll most likely be when we move to the next version of the forum software (which is from an external vendor), sometime over the coming year.

Good idea for sure though.

I don’t like babies, so if I ever have any, you’ll be more than welcome to take it for the first few years. As soon as he/she is old enough to be sent down the mines to earn some money, I’ll want him/her back.