quite please with the result

on yesterday’s ride-out to Hastings I turned up at boxhill and handed out 4 new walkie-talkie, 1 for me and the other 3 to the others.

these walikes are quite sophisticated and they have vibracall which means you can page all or one users and he will receive the ringing tone plus a very notcable vibration ( ) also you can use headsets with ptt (press to talk) and voice activated paging.

The result was amazing in terms of range and sound quality, I think they proved really handy in keeping the group together despite the various speeds

RESULT, no one got lost!! and they worked well in Hastings when we all arrived 10 mins from each other and the place was swarming with revellers… lol, all i had to do was page Jolyon and direct him to where we was.

I recomend them to everyone.

£69.99 in maplins for a set of 4 pics to follow (when i am back home)