Lets paarrtaaayyy !!!

What did you call me?

has anyone brought a black lace CD with them?

let’s party like it’s 1986.

In all seriousness I think if forum rules were removed it would work a lot better. Its just an opinion though before I get battered by those in charge

Plus if swear words were allowed people could air there differences prob within about 20mins before they got bored swear as much as they like and its over and finished.

Children reading the forum…etc etc…

Maybe suggest a trial one month period with no rules and see how it goes? Cant knock it before its been tried can you?

Or Prince in 1999

Damn !!! u beat me to it…

HA !!! We already know the answer to THAT !!! Twill, be shot down in flames me dear !!! (and some!)

No rules? Not possible. If there weren’t some guidelines then people WOULD post stuff that was offensive, libellous, slanderous (can’t remember the difference but you know what I mean) and generally naughty without getting so much as a slapped wrist and that would get the site owners into deep doggy doo-doos. I’d rather keep the forums than have them snatched away because some plonker’s letting off steam and “getting it out of their system”.

Well you say that but there is a forum on *********** (like I’m gonna let you say it here - A&7) (will give ya a clue begins with a v and ends with a n and ducati pete knows it well )the supermoto section and its brilliant. People generally get on with it and it works very well. I mean they accommodate Ducati Pete and all his funny ways its open and you can say what ya like as well and it works. They have moderators but the rules are very laxed.

Just spoken to a few new members that have joined browsed and disappeared. I mean on here we must have a good few thousand members and how many post regularly? Its generally the same people some new stick around but not that many. Having spoken to some new people that have not bothered to return there comments regard the ruling generally as what puts them off. Research is always good.

Hey ho I know it wont happen but maybe an online survey of what people think would be a good idea just to gather some info.

How do you know who the Mods are? I know Jay is one and some guy that rides to work the same way I do (only know because we have both been done on the same bus lane camera ).

Are there names in big lights somewhere?

Names in Lights? ?


<---------- no just this on our id’s

Paul Weller is the only MOD I know of with his name in lights.

Showing your age Dan-the-Man

You really are a complicated bod, Terry. (need a “scratching head” smiley!) Here you are saying you think all the rules should be abolished so people can post whatever they want and yet you were on several recent threads saying you’d felt offended by what someone had posted and that they should apologise! Not quite sure what point you’re trying to make, all you’ve succeeded in doing with me is confusing me!

Its very simple really. On here you cant thrash things out. In most cases you approach someone with a problem and they then swear. To follow forum rules and to not get yourself in trouble you cant swear or abuse back because you end up in trouble. Therefore you take it to the moderators. This system as it has shown doesnt seem to work. What I am suggesting for a trial period is that if you make it so rules are laxed then peeps can thrash it out and get it sorted. You see I am not prepared to have a go at some back and using bad language because it will end up up in both parties being cautioned ie me. That means I have no choice but to go to the moderators. I dont love the moderatoers idea but to protect yourself on here you have to use them. If the rules were laxed it could be bashed out on here and probably ressolved in half the time. Does that make it any clearer?

I am more than prepared to rant back to anyone if I am offended on here but I wont because the rules dont allow me too without me getting banned.

I think moderation has its place, even if it is just to point out that folk are pushing the limits. I think if you don’t have them then all hell will break loose.

I only use one forum where there is no moderation and that does seem to work but its a fairly small forum and we all know each other in the flesh so there can be no hiding behind a keyboard and posting nastiness.

It seems that all hell breaks lose even with em.