Quick Soho question......

Hi all. Well curious now, whats the deal with covering up yer number plate whilst PARKED UP in Soho?

Did go up there Friday night but couldn’t stay long.

Ton up.

Its so that traffic wardens cant see ya number plate and issue yuo a ticket. Ya see their not allowed to tamper with your bike in anyway… Thing is, if they really want to book you they can still hunt around for your Tax disc that has all the relevant information on and a tax disc must be displayed at all times!

as of this year, traffic wardens ARE allowed to remove numberplate covers.

They photograph the vehicle first, take the plate cover off, then photograph it again. They used to have to be accompanied by a police officer to remove covers… not any more.

Having said that, they seem to be leaving us alone on Frith St recently, so covering your plate is probably not necessary.

They cant take the cover off a number plate that has been totally removed… Use velcro instead of the plastic screws to secure the plate!!! I have tested mine up to 180mph (On a private road of course)… As for the Tax disc… Keep it in your pocket… If you are asked where it is… You just tell whom ever that you have had a couple of tax discs stolen from your bike and You now keep it on your person… So there!!!

well ner ner ne ner ner!!!

Now thats what I used to do. Always keep tax disk on me when riding bike but never leave it on the bike itself. You get charged to replace it when its stolen! Having had a few stolen and countless arguments about why I should pay to replace it I refuse to display it on the bike now. Foxy obviously also uses the correct kind of velcro!

I’ve never carried a tax-disc on the bikes, it’s never been a problem for me. The fact that I have vehicle tax is on the database available to the Police now anyhow, so there’s really no need to display anything. I too have a velcro numberplate, it makes life a LOT easier being able to just take it off and have an anonymous bike.

“I don’t bother with Velcro because several of my mates have had their plates pulled off and nicked or even removed by the old bill.”

Why ?? are velcroed plates illegal ??

I have used them for years, but do glue on fake bolts so it looks kosher and also in truth, it helps obfuscate [thats me long word for the day] the correct reg just that little bit more . . .

I guess velcro could be a bit risky… I could go for a major raz up the motorway and get flashed all the way, but what the hell, I got this nice plate on that I easily ripped off a bike the other night at a bike meet. Or someone could nick, go be the get away biker for a robbery and then you have to explain to the police why you have a velcro fastening number plate and that some chav nicked it… just a though!

Well if you leave your bike parked in a public place, then yeah, you could have problems with a velcro’d plate, but personally my bikes never get left in public places, I can’t afford them to be, they’ll get nicked. Plates come off at bike-meets to protect against mates doing silly things, and to stop traffic wardens. No big deal, my plate fits in my jacket pocket

Like Foxy’s plate, mine has been speed tested to about 170mph, on private property, obviously. Though just to be on the safe side, I’ve had a spare one made up, which goes under the pillion seat.

I carry a spare plate too… Almost legal size… Because I have been warned a few times about the size of mine… and It’s only a matter of time till I get pulled and they take my plate… Then they say that you can’t ride the bike home because you don’t have a plate!!! You have to think of everything!!!

Those double yellows still in force at night time? F**kers.

Velcro time! Cheers guys.

Ton Up.

Just going back to the tax disc thing, I believe that there are actually two possible offences:

Not having a valid tax disc.Not displaying a valid tax disc.So, the fact that you have one in your pocket, in your desk at home etc is not necessarily enough to get you off the hook. Obviously if you’re on the scene and can explain your reasoning to a traffic warden/cop then you might be okay (assuming they’re not the hitler type) but I wouldn’t take it for granted.

Having said that, tax discs can be awkward to spot on bikes at the best of times due to the number of places they can be put and that the bike is normally leaning over in that direction, making viewing slightly harder. I imagine it would only be a problem if you’re confronted by someone actively looking for something to do you for.

It is an offence not to display a valid tax disk. Its not the police who do you though, you get reported to the DVLA I believe. As far as I am aware, there are no regulations about where you have to display a tax disk on the bike. Obviously the DVLA will look up the reg number and find its taxed (if it is of course). You may well get a letter but probably not, telling you that you were not displaying your tax disk, although I have never received one for a bike.

“As far as I am aware, there are no regulations about where you have to display a tax disk on the bike.”

The tax disc should be mounted on the left of the bike forward of the rider, that’s the regulations. Though, I carry mine in my pocket like almost everybody else. If your worried about put a photocopied one in the holder.

ALso, I was under the impression that TW could issue tickets to the VIN of the bike, don’t know for sure if it’s the case, but it should lead back to the Reg No. Thou the DVLA’s database is only 70% accurate.

i once wasnt showing a tax disc on my old zxr and i got a seven day wonder to take my details into the local cop shop,

which was handy as the bike wasnt taxed at the time!!!

sod the sticky stuff duzs fastners and just wip the plate off when ya park and a iridium cover on the tax disc ya need a fookin torch and good eye sight to read it at night

I am pretty much sure that it is legal requirement that the Tax disc is displayed on the left side of the bike…